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We are travel with purpose

Why choose us?

We are Smartrip, the first socially driven travel company in the world. Through the Smartrip Foundation, we allocate 20% of our net income to support projects of local entrepreneurs. Our goal is to generate more and better development opportunities for people and communities living in the surroundings of the tourist destinations where you travel.

UsWe want today’s development of tourist destinations to impact local communities through the power of the tourism industry. That’s why we work with microentrepreneurs in different areas and train them, so that they can live better thanks to their activities.

Working with producers, artisans and tourism-related groups, we also protect the culture and identity of groups and communities. In this way we help to ensure that traditions are not lost and that craft continue to be passed on from generation to generation.

We are proud of the fact that we have designed and implemented a unique business model in the world and 100% made in Chile, generating value for everyone in the tourism sector. With Smartrip everyone wins: as a traveler you access excellent prices while contributing to a better world, hotels improve their ties with communities and receive sales in low seasons, local entrepreneurs benefit from social programs and our team works motivated and with purpose.

Our vision

Contribute to higher levels of well-being (social, cultural, environmental and economic) by providing local communities different tools so they can be impacted by the development of their destinations.

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