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Terms of Use

Welcome to Smartrip! Please review the Terms and Conditions before making use of the services offered by our platform.

It is understood that any person who makes use of the services offered by our website, has read, understood, accepted and is therefore subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth below.

Key Terms:

  • smartrip.travel user : The person who has registered with smartrip.travel and therefore has an account. He will have access to all the services offered by our platform.
  • Guest: The person who is not registered and therefore does not have an account in smartrip.travel. He will only be able to browse the content of our website, but you will not have access to the booking and purchase services.

Age Restrictions:

Minors will not be able to access our services.


In order to make use of the services offered by our platform, you must register in the section that says “Registration”. By entering your data you must also accept the terms and conditions presented below by clicking on the box that says: “I accept the Terms and Conditions”. In this way, they are assume to be known and accepted by the user of smartrip.travel and will be a prerequisite for any service that you request through our platform.

To register, the user must enter a unique username and a key, which will allow him to enter the site in a personalized and confidential way. Smartrip will ensure the security of your key, however, the user of smartrip.travel will be responsible for keeping his account information (username and password) secret. If  the user provides that information to third parties without prior notice to Smartrip, we will not be liable.

The user can also register by logging into his Facebook account. But, in case you want to make a reservation, the site will require additional data, such as username, identification number and key.

When registering, you must ensure that all information delivered (mail, name, identification number) is true and accurate and that you have the right to provide it.

You can only register one account. In the event that you create a second account, Smartrip may suspend or unregister you on our website.

Once the account is created, the user of smartrip.travel expressly agrees to receive electronic information with advertising and information about the services offered on our platform. In case the user wishes to revoke this consent, he can do so by sending an email to reservas@smartrip.travel.

By logging into your account, you will be able to edit your personal data, browse the offers offered smartrip.travel and review the data of the purchases made. However, you will not have access to other users’ information and vice versa.

Purchase of rooms or packages:

To purchase a program (room or package), the user must read, understand and accept the specific terms and conditions of each of these. This information is displayed in the details of the offers. By clicking on one of them, the user can find, in addition to price information, reservation, among others, the terms and conditions of the hotel offered by the room.

Once the user makes the reservation, it is understood that these terms have been read, understood and accepted.

However, after the purchase, the user will receive an email with the confirmation of his/her reservation, which will include (attached) the terms and conditions of the hotel.

There are three ways in which the smartrip.travel user can review the offers.

  1. According to your preferences, in the home search engine.
  2. Under Special Offers, where some of the offers are displayed.
  3. If you don’t know when or where to travel, under “Hotels & Experiences”.

Once you choose one of the offers, you must click on “request availability”, then you will need to enter the name and identification number and special observations—if required. Once the availability has been confirmed, you will receive an email to start the purchase process through web pay.

The buyer will then receive an email with an accompanying voucher confirming their reservation. This can also be found in the smartrip.travel member’s profile under “My Bookings”.

The person travelling must arrive at the hotel with the voucher confirming the reservation.

If the smartrip.travel member clicks on any of the offers and accesses the information it contains, this will not compromise you with the purchase of the product.

In the event of an availability issue at the hotel where the person booked a room or program, smartrip.travel agrees to place the passenger in a similar hotel.

Smartrip.travel is a platform through which users can get information about different hotel offers and book them, however the company will have no control over the conduct of both hosts and customers, and therefore is exempt from any responsibility relating to the above.

Payment method:

To make use of the services offered by our platform, the user must pay by credit or debit card.

In the event that the user experiences any error in the transaction made through this payment method, Smartrip will try to help the user to resolve the inconveniences.

Through these Terms and Conditions you agree that you may not:

  • Copy or play any part of the content found on the website.
  • Resell any of the services offered to third parties.
  • Use the site for purposes other than room reservation.
  • Post false information on the site.
  • Post or transmit illegal, obscene, pornographic and inappropriate information.
  • Upload or transmit to the site a virus, or use any device that contains any viruses, that may affect the normal functioning of our platform.

Smartrip may, at its discretion and without notice, close the account and restrict a user’s access to smartrip.travel to any content on our site. Once suspended, he will not be able to access or make full use of the site.

Smartrip may, without prior notice, change information, aspects, offers and any content on the site.

We will make a constant effort to keep the site available at all times, however we cannot ensure that access to the content will not be interrupted or affected for reasons of force majeure.


Content may have errors or the information may be incomplete or out of date.

We are constantly working to prevent the entry of any type of virus into our site, however, we cannot guarantee that it will be free of these, so it will be necessary for you to have your computer protected before downloading information or site documents.

Cancellation of purchase:

We understand that there may be a number of reasons why the user must cancel the purchase made. To do this the user has to check the specific terms and conditions of the hotel in which he made the purchase.

If the user needs to cancel a reservation, he must send an email to reservas@smartrip.travel.

The website contains links to third-party websites (hotels and other brands). If you log in, you will no longer be using our portal so you assume responsibility for the use of those websites.

If you vacate a room before the date you purchased the service, for whatever reason, Smartrip will not be liable and will not refund that lost night/s.

Privacy Policy:

  • Use of this site is subject to the Privacy Policy. These are assumed as understood and accepted by the user once he registers on the site.
  • By providing us with personal information you agree that Smartrip may make use of it.
  • We will only require personal information necessary to provide you with the services we offer and record your preference information.
  • When registering you must indicate your first and last name, your e-mail, your identification number and a password.
  • By purchasing one of our offers you will be send to a secure Transbank webpay site, which will ask you for some card details and passwords in a secure and backed environment.
  • We will never ask you for your credit card information or keys of any kind via e-mail.

For any additional information you want to consult or doubt solving, please contact us via reservas@smartrip.travel

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